We follow the skinimalism principle and believe that less is more! Simple, but effective and natural ingredients as well as liquid active ingredient concentrates stimulate the skin's natural functions and help the skin to regenerate itself.

We only use natural ingredients, 95% of which are from controlled organic farming. Our products are vegan, free from synthetic additives, preservatives, fragrances and dyes, as well as mineral oil-based products and emulsifiers.

In addition to the careful processing of the plants, the origin of each individual raw material is very important to us. For example, our almond oil comes from Germany, the birch hydrolate from Austria, our rose hydrolate from Bulgaria and the neroli hydrolate from France.

Our products are manufactured and bottled in Tyrol (Austria), in a small factory that specializes in natural cosmetic products.

We also pay attention to sustainable, recyclable materials when it comes to packaging and work with a manufacturer from the surrounding Munich region.


Hydrolates, also known as flower water, are created when plant fragrances are distilled. They are the byproduct of the extraction of essential oils and still contain traces of the essential oil. Pure hydrolates are very mild and well tolerated by our skin, while providing highly effective liquid plant ingredients.

Natural oils

Oils are fats extracted from plants and are our power ingredients in skin care. Due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, they strengthen the skin barrier, protect the skin from free radicals and keep our skin vital and elastic.

PH value

The normal pH value of the skin is 6-6.5 and is slightly acidic. It protects our skin naturally and effectively against bacteria and pathogens. After cleansing, our protective barrier is temporarily weaker because water has a pH value of 7. Our skin can restore the balance on its own, but this takes time depending on the condition of the skin. The Face Mist helps the skin to balance the pH value directly after cleansing and ensures a balanced complexion with its herbal, liquid active ingredients.

Botanical Benefits

Almond Oil

cold-pressed almond oil, rich in valuable vitamins, protects our skin, makes it soft and supple

✓ from controlled organic cultivation

Aloe Vera

Rich in natural, nutrient-rich moisture, has a calming and cooling effect

✓ from controlled organic cultivation

Birch hydrolate

Rich in natural minerals and vitamins, has a stimulating, vitalizing effect and can refine the skin's appearance

✓ from controlled organic cultivation

Essential Oil

Geranium has a calming effect and ensures a fresh complexion.

Rose has an anti-inflammatory effect and ensures a smooth complexion.

✓ from controlled organic cultivation


natural moisturizer, helps retain moisture in the skin.

✓vegetable from organic quality

Neroli Hydrolate

Rich in natural ingredients, has a calming effect and can refine and balance the skin

✓ from controlled organic cultivation

Rose hydrolate

Rich in natural antioxidants, provides moisture, elasticity and vitality

✓ from controlled organic cultivation

Pentylene Glycol

Natural moisturizer made from sugar cane and corn, antimicrobial properties, helps the skin absorb active ingredients better

✓ GreenVersion

Vitamin E

Contributes to maintaining the skin’s natural barrier function and protects the protective lipid layer from damage caused by free radicals.