a holistic approach


Live sessions by Coco&Barbara

SelfCare Club

take[skin]care, that’s our mantra.

We will show you a care routine that supplies your skin with natural ingredients. We will address your needs and questions and create awareness about self-care.

In our SelfCare Club you will not only gain a new awareness of natural skincare, but together we will create different care and self-care products that will enrich your daily routine at home!

Would you like to learn more about our SelfCare Club, make your own products and immerse yourself in the world of slow beauty? We offer selected live sessions in small groups.

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Power of Plant-Based

We attach great importance to the use of natural, effective herbal ingredients. At the same time, we want to respect our nature and treat its resources carefully.

Mindful Skin Care

We believe in taking care of ourselves and our skin every day! We also believe in an individually tailored care routine that supports the skin's own powers and current skin condition.

Self-Care Ritual

Rituals also help us to take a little time out in everyday life. They give us strength, energy, motivation or serenity and peace to start the day or to end it in a relaxed manner.