For us, Slow Beauty is not just a term, but describes our desire for more naturalness, sustainability and a relaxed approach to our appearance and ourselves.

Everyone knows that feeling of rushing through the day, not taking time for anything and just doing everything "quickly"...with your mind already on the next to-do's. Our care routine reflected exactly that!

Four years ago, we slowed down, rethought our skincare and routines, and discovered our passion for organic beauty. Since the change, not only has our skin recovered, but also our attitude towards rituals.

We try to integrate “Slow Beauty” into our daily routine in order to get one step closer to our inner and outer (skin) balance.

This is exactly the feeling we want to pass on.

This feeling of self-care and the appropriate herbal active ingredients that stimulate the skin's self-regulating powers. This feeling of well-being with yourself and in your skin.


Coco and Barbara